Questo programma televisivo è trasmesso sul canale satellitare Sky PerfecTV! nel 2002, proprio durante la messa in onda della serie Saint Seiya, the Hades. Il conduttore è Furuya Touru, il doppiatore di Seiya, che ci racconta alcuni segreti sulla serie e, in particolar modo, sul doppiaggio.
Questa trasmissione si può trovare come inserto speciale sui dvd di Hades. Io vi riporto i sottotitoli in inglese: non sono la traduzione letterale, i nomi sono sbagliati (ho corretto quelli che sono riuscita), ma il succo del discorso rimane.

Burn! My cosmos! Pegasus Shooting Star Punch!
That's it! Saint Seiya, being the rage, burns the broiling cosmos again. It'll be on show soon.
I'm the dubber of Seiya and presider of the programme, Furuya Touru.

Next, I'll present to you everything about the rare-known
dubbing studio for the new King of Underworld, Hades,
together with the interview album of the staff and dubber.
First, for today, I'll talk about the charm of the Saint Seiya series.

There's much too talk about it's charm: the Thearchy... and constellation, the mysterious world view... and the story theatre which cause riddles one by one... surely the charm of different actors as well...etc
Besides, after the TV version, there're all sort of things about the charm of the image and acoustic.
Of course, as a dubber, I'd like to start from the charm of the actors born of the character designer Shingo Araki, the excellent... the excellent character with sharping-eye. I want to talk briefly abuot the encounter with the character.
First, try-on of the dubber candidates: the dubber speech of Furuya Touru!
The programme changes suddenly: start from fashionable dress! That's it! Please have a look!

Il doppiatore indica i suoi vestiti, simili a quelli di Seiya, ed è pronto a raccontarci di come è diventato la sua voce.

No matter from wich way you look at me, I'm alike to Pegasus Seiya: red T'shirt, and red cuff and blue jean.
In this way, that's how I dressed up before I entered into the studio. Does it make any sense?
First, I can indulge into the mind of Seiya very easily.
The second, also the most important: in fact, during the pick up, there're producer and supervisor watching behind, listening about which one is suitable. About this, somebody said "Isn't Furuya wearing the same Cloth as Seiya? He is very confident." I showed my enthusiasm.
And the third: the dubber try-on is on the spot. Even if I dubbed as Seiya because I'd ever been trained many times: "Isn't Furuya's voice alike to Seiya?" "Do you want to play the part?" That's the way I made them impressed.
And before the formal dubbing, you can state that you're Saint to other cooperate staff. Many producers are needed before that. After that, I obtain the part as Pegasus Seiya.
Let's look at the essential segment of the yearing TV series.

Ora c'è un filmato di circa 20-30 minuti, che riprende e monta insieme diverse scene della vecchia serie televisiva. Una voce racconta tutto il riassunto:
Saga e Kanon, Ares e Aioros, Mitsumasa Kido e l'orfanotrofio, Galaxian Wars, Black Saints, Silver Saints, Gold Saints, la fine di Saga, Hilda e Poseidon.

Very unforgettable! What do you think of the TV series? I closed my fist and sweated unintentionally.
Certainly I'm exciting, I think that's the charm of Seiya.
Uh... about the new work of King of Underworld, Hades The Twelve Palaces: most of the works are worthy to be watched.
Continue the broiling spirit you saw just now plus plot based on live and death; and it's about the Underworld, the world where we go after death. I think there haven't been any description about the underworld in the animate. That's its charm. And the fact is really good!
Sure there's computer graphic tecnique in animate. However the delicate part in it wasn't used by CG, but the craftsmanship of man. Though it's the necessary part in Seiya, the supervisor suffered a lot.
And about the music. It adopted the excellent music of Seiji Yokoyama and the acoustic has adopted the digital technology. I did this way when I dub.
Furthmore, this time the dubber of all parts was gathered though some had passed away: in fact there're companions who passed away or retired. But we get together all the power and input new blood. But the new bloods aren't new hands; they're mighty dubbers; everyone feels as dubbing for the protagonist.

Dopo questo discorso su Hades e un accenno al doppiaggio, c'è la pubblicità.

OK, sorry to keep you waiting. Now it's starting.
Saint Seiya King of Underworld Hades the Twelve Palaces.
Please enjoy it!

How do you think about it? The new King of Underworld Hades the Twelve Palaces. Connecting to Seiya, everyone's cosmos must be ignited. In fact there're thirteen dubbers here. Where I started recording, I hear your voice, then I saw image.
I devoted myself to the part of Seiya and the worries all disappeared.
I think some's soul may be hurt in the second part. An unexpected person occurs...

La scena cambia e si vede la doppiatrice di Shunrei al lavoro, davati al microfono. Ecco alcune battute:

"Why do you require me to answer the question? Teacher, what do you mean by saying going out? Go, Right. Don't cry. When they two came back..."

Good evening to the audience who watching SKY PERFECT TV. I'm Eriko Sato.
It's my first time to dub for my favorite Seiya. Though it's my first time, I was deeply moved. 
I think dubbing is a tough work I'm so happy. Please comment it.
I act as a very lovely part in the animate, a very lovely part.
I exerted all my emotion in it. Though it's not excellent, I was deeply moved. The moving scene nearly makes me tears down.
Please enjoy it!

Ora è di nuovo il turno di Furuya Touru, che commenta il lavoro della collega.

Miss Eriko Sato. You really worked hard. Good work!
Worrying about the dubbing of Seiya, I often paid visits and others also mentioned her hardwork.
But we... and Suzuoki Hirotaka, who dubbed for Shiryu, are really easy-going. He is very considerate to women. He told her to take it easy: finally she was devoted to the part of Shunrei. How wonderful it is!

Next programme about Seiya will be on the production spot of dubbing for everyone. Please kindly wait and see. Now the King of Underworld Hades the Twelve Palaces is ending.
Seiya and Shiryu are refused by Athena. Can they enter into the santuary at last?
I'm also worried about it. That's the highlight of the next part, with the fight among the Gold Saints.
We also matched the dialogues carefully. Please kindly wait and see.
The Saint Seita King of Underworld Hades the Twelve Palaces will be more and more intensive through riddles one by one. Please enjoy it.
Have you ever feel about cosmos?

Burn! My cosmos! Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!
I've studied the "Saint Seiya King of the Underworld Hades the Twelve Palace". Now I, Furuya, the dubber of Seiya, will lead you to know it. Let me introduce the zoology of our dubbing studio this time.
Appare lo studio di doppiaggio e Hirotaka Suzuoki, la voce di Shiryu, che indossa una maglietta di Shaka.

"Watch my ultimate technique, Mount. Ru Flying Dragon!"
Part with the boxing for a while, I'll try in the Saint Seiya this time. Episode 3: you must watch! Splendid for sure, very worth watching!

Dopo aver scagliato un pugno, Hirotaka Suzuoki scompare e riappare Furuya Touru.

Then let's enter the story of this episode. Let's chat later.

I've been connected with the works for 13 years. It's the first time that I dub for it. I climbed up along the ladder, looking up the sky. What a fine day! Without any cloud on the sky. I think that I won't forget the sky forever.
The following 3 years, Saint Seiya greatly satisfied me. It's hard to describe my feeling. I didn't expect that I could examine Seiya's dub again. It's still fine. I feel like I'm coming home.

Vengono ripresi i vari doppiatori durante le prove (Shura, Camus, Saga-Kanon, Athena e Mu).

Shura: Takeshi Kusao

Camus: Nobutoshi Kanna

Saga: Ryutaro Okiayu

Athena: Keiko Han

Mu: Takumi Yamazaki

And many young men... as my colleagues. To them, seeing an old man devotes himself so enthusiastically it may be terrible. They've their own style which is comparable with mine. I feel like the studio will full of sword light and glave shadow. That's how we dub for Seiya.
When we've done, we'll go to drink. At this time, not only the dub staff but also the logistic staff as well as the director will say to us "good work". We chat while eating. Thus better thoughts come out and hope we can dub better next time.
It's not rare to broadcast the interview first at the beginning, but I'm lucky to be responsible for the dub of Seiya.

Next Saint Seiya we'll introduce the production studio.
Saint Seiya King of Underworld, Hades The Twelve Palace will be more and more fervent. There'll be more and more riddles. Don't miss it! Have you ever felt small universe?