Stay, away   (Kyandoru no kokoro)

Oh stay stay ikanaide
Away kedo furenaide
Kokoro wa ima kyandoru

Oh stay stay kaze no oto
Away mada soto wa ame
Chikaku ni ite kyandoru

Aa Bokura au no ga
Hayasugita ne
motome au supiido oitsukenai

So ga away demo dare ka
Oh stay moshi aishita ra
Honoo ni naru jerashii

Aa Sore wa unmei
Yakusoku ni somukeba kizutsuku daro

So go away furenaide
oh stay kedo ikanaide
Kokoro wa ima kyandoru

Oh stay stay Don't go
Away But don't resist
Now your heart is like a candle

Oh stay stay The wind is blowing
Away it is not raining yet outside
Very near, there is a candle

Ah We met too early, didn't we?
We have to hurry up, or esle
We can't rejion

So go away But who is it?
Oh stay if you are in love
My jealousy will turn to fire

Ah That is our desteny
It can't be changed
If you are not faithful to your oath, you could be hurt

So go away Don't resist
Oh stay But don't go
Now your heart is like a candle

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