1) The Zodiacal Knights (46 minutes, 1987)
    (Saint Seiya Gekijouban)
In this adventure the Bronze Saints are to face againts the devil goddess Eris and the saints resuscitated by her.
Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu and Hyoga have to save Saori, goddess Athena, before that the devil Eris is able to absorb her vital lymph and kill her. 
The final battle is won only by the Gold Cloth and the sudden arrival of Ikki.
A new, inedited story about the fantastic Athena's Knights, that doesn't fail in arouse enthusiasm  the milions of fans of the lucky Tv series. 
A futher note of interest is given by the quality of the animations by Shingo Araki, designer of Goldrake and Versailles no Bara.
2) The Burning Battle of Gods (50 minutes, 1988)
    (Saint Seiya Kamigami No Atsuki Tatakai)
In the polar ices, Hyoga tries to save a man attacked by misterious warriors: although the effort is useless, Cygnus Saint is kept in guard, by the dying victim of the attack, about the aims of the northern town of Asgard. But after this episode, Crystal svanishes misteriously... 
On his hints, Saori and the other saints reach Asgard early and are received with great honours by Balder, Minister of Odin, but they are doubtful about his sincerity. Infact, the devil pope, who wants to extend his dominion to the south, abducts Saori and send against the Zodiacal Knights his strong warriors, between whom Hyoga is hidden, without memory. 
A beautiful film, whose inedited adventures have ispired the famous "Asgard Chapter" of the Tv series.
3)  The Legend of the Scarlet Warriors (80 minutes, 1988)
(Saint Seiya Shinku No Shonen Densetsu)
In this new adventure, the Bronza Saints will have an unwaited menace: Athena's treason! 
God Phoebo, infact, is returned on the Earth to punish the planet because of its guilts, but, this time, Saori, instead of opposing herself to the imminent danger, seems to prefer to go out with her brother and to put herself under the custody of the Gold Saints resuscitated by him. Seiya and his friends don't want to leave Athena and so go to Greece, where they'll face the terrific powers of the Scarlet Cloths and they'll discover that not all the Gold Saints restored have really betrayed (except for Death mask and Aphrodite).
Once more great battles and fantastic action scenes are alterned with lyrical and epic moments, to give life to an inedited adventure of big breath.
4) The Last Battle (50 minutes, 1989)
    (Saint Seiya Armageddon No Senshi)
The last battle of the Zodiacal Knights is finally in Italian edition!
Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki face, in this inedited film, the most powerful and devil of the enemies: Lucifer, the King of the Underworld.
Lucifer, who has returned on the Earth for revenge, breaks the Athena's Statue and builds his temple near the Sanctuary, after having killed the Gold Saints.
With the souls of Poseidon, Eris and Phoebo, the three devil gods whom Bronze Saints have hard won during the previos adventures, Lucifer gives an ultimatum to Saori: she has to sacrifice herself or the whole world will be destroyed by his devil power. 
How can the Bronze Saints contrast such a powerful enemy?
Is this the end of Athena?
5) Overture ~ Heaven Chapter (83 minutes, 2004)
    (Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen Joso Overture)
After the war against Hades, Seiya is reduced to sit on a wheelchair. Goddess Artemis wants to destroy the human kind and kill all the saints who have gone against Gods. In order to save Seiya's life, Saori abandons her position as Goddess and give Sanctuary to Artemis.
Seiya gains his cosmo again and, with the help of Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki, returns in Greece to fight against Artemis and her Angels.
At the end, not only Artemis wants to kill the human beings, but also her brother Apollon...
This movie, whose main characters are Seiya, Athena and Icarus (an Angel), is mainly based on the differences between man-God and it is the prelude to a war against the Gods of the Olympus.