Gigantomachia is a novel about Saint Seiya realized by Masami Kurumada and by the writer Tatsuya Hamazaki (he has made other novels, for example One Piece's).
The story is set between Poseison's and Hades's series. It tells about the battles of the Athena's Saints againts Giants, who want to resurrect their god Typhon. In Athena's help, there are also new saints from Sanctuary, in particular Mei of Berenice.

The novel is divided in two books of about 200 pages, published on 28-8-2002 and on 21-12-2002 by Jump J Books.
The two books are completely in Japanese (sigh) and have few images taken from the previous mangas. Also the little posters (two for book) are nothing new: 5 Bronze Saints, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu.

Fortunately, it was relead also a Brazilan version, by Conrad Livros. Congratulation to Brazil! Thanks to this Portuguese translation, we are able to understand the plot. In 2008 it was released an Italian version by Kappa Edizioni.

In this section there are the chapter list, the character details and the summary.
I've traslated in Italian every chapter, world by world.
MEI NO SHOU (Mei's chapter)
Athena's Saints
pag 10
CHI NO SHOU (chapter of blood)
Deus ex machina
pag 11

There are the old main characters: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Kiki, Tatsumi and Saori.


Nicole (Nikoru)
Constellation: Ara
Cloth: Silver
Move: ?
He's considered very clever in Sanctuary, in particular he has a waste knoledge about astronomy. His Cloth (Ara) has been already drawn by Kurumada and published in Enclyclopedia. It is said that the Ara Saint has the assignment to follow the Pope like a shadow and like a counterpart, to attract the enemies on himself.
Now Nicole is the new provvisory Pope.

Yulij (Yuuri)
Constellation: Sextant
Cloth: Bronze
Move: ?
She is a female saint, kidnapped by Giants at the beginning of the story.

Constellation: Berenice
Cloth: ?
Move: Zanshi (Cutting threads)
He is one of the 100 children sent by Mitsumasa Kido to Sanctuary train to get cloth. Differently from the others, he hasn't returned in Japan, but remains in his training place, Sicilia.

Their armors are called Adamas, a Greek word that means for "invincible" or "hardness of diamond". Adamas are made by precious minerals (opal, topaz, sapphire...). According to mithology (not cited in the two books) every gen is characterized by a particular feature.
In the second book, there are the "Gigas Shinshiki" (giants of a new type), stronger that the previous ones.

Agrios, "Brutal strenght" (Bankiri no Aguriosu)
Adamas: Lapis Lazuli
Move: Kuraggu Press (Rock Press)
Appearence: book 1
Dies: against Seiya

Thoas, "Fast thunder" (Jinrai no Toasu)
Adamas: Malachite
Colpi: Stigma (Stigmate), Avenger Shot
Appearence: book 1
Dies: against Shun

Pallas, "Stupid spirit" (Rodon no Parasu)
Adamas: Onyx
Move: Puppet Claw
Appearence: book 1-2
Dies: against Mei

Encelade, "Sealed voice" (Kansei no Enkeradosu)
Adamas : Topaz
Move: ?
Appearence: book 1
Dies: against Hyoga

Orthros, "Evil two-headed dog" (Masoken no Orthros)
Adamas: Star Sapphire
Move: Safiros Enedora (Energy Sapphire)
Appearence: book 2
Dies: against Hyoga.

Chimaera, "Composite creature" (Goseiju no Chimaera)
Adamas: Star Ruby
Move: Axe Cracks
Appearence: book 2
Dies: against Seiya

Ladon, "100-headed dragon" (Hyakutoryu no Ladon)
Adamas: Opal
Move: Poriorukya
Appearence: book 2
Dies: against Shiryu

Mosters (cited):
Lion of Nemea (Nemea no Shishi)
Hydra, poison snake (Dokuhebi Hydra)
Kerberus of infers (Jigoku no Kerberos)
Big Eagle that eats Prometheus's intestines.

Typhon, god og Giants
Adamas: Carnelian
Move: ?
Appearence: book 1-2
Dies: against Mei

Echidna, Typhon's wife and monsters' mother
She isn't in the story, but her role is primary.


A long time ago, goddess Athena and her saints have fought a battle against frightful adversaries, called Giants. This terrible war Questa terribile war is named Gigantomachia.
At the end, Athena won and sealed the Giants and their god Typhon into their native ground, Sicilia.

Actually, Sanctuary is finally in peace after various battles caused by Saga's rebellion; Bronze Saints and Silver Saints live together in harmony, but, one night, there is an accident...
Nicole of Ara is attacked. From whom? The Holy War against Hades hasn't started yet. So, they have been the Giants, returned with the aim to conquest the world, kill humans and pour Athena's blood (their ancestral enemy) to resurrect their god Typhon.
At the beginning, the Giants kidnap a girl saint, Yulij of Sextant, in order to attract Athena and her saints into their den, mount Etna. The first ones that arrive in Sicilia, ready to fight, are Athena, Seiya and Shun, followed by Hyoga who was in Siberia.
To complete Typhon's resurrection, a sacrifice of cosmos and blood needs, but the Giants are well determined.
To complicate the mission, it appears one of the 100 children sent by Mitsumasa Kido to become a saint: Mei of Berenice hasn't returned in Japan as the others, but he has been living in Sicilia; further, we don't know if his cloth is Gold, Silver or Bronze.
Meanwhile, Etna explodes, increasing Typhon's power...

Battles in book 1:
- Seiya VS Pallas, Agrios et Thoas
- Seiya VS Agrios
- Shun VS Thoas
- Hyoga VS Thoas
- Hyoga VS Encelade
- Athena VS Typhon

Battles in book 2:
- Mei VS Pallas
- Hyoga VS Orthros
- Seiya VS Chimaera
- Mei VS Ladon
- Shiryu VS Ladon
- Ikki VS Typhon in his real body
- Mei VS Typhon

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